Teaching Philosophy...

My ability to realistically capture an image has always been a form of personal cleansing therapy. Where authors observe their world through words, I make my world orderly through my compositions. Thus, I strongly feel it is my role as a teacher to enable my students to chart their angst/joy/opinions through their art experiences. How better to do this than to teach them how to accurately illustrate their thoughts and emotions - to alleviate, where possible, the frustration of not being able to realistically portray what they want to by giving them the proper instruction and tools to do so? By reinforcing the basic elements of design, observation skills, etc., so that each student can observe/create/invent or reinvent and honor each blank canvas with complete images that satisfy each artist as an individual.

Private Art Instruction

Weekly art instruction is offered for adult, teen, and younger students who wish to explore/expand their creative skills. Class subject matter is unique to each student. Some areas investigated have been Portraits, Self-portraits, Still Life, Perspective, Calligraphy & Illumination, Cartooning.

Children's Classes

Teaching adventures with a wide variety of artistic objectives at various schools. A sampling: REAL DRAWING ~ "How to's" of drawing faces, figures, interiors, landscapes, etc. CARTOONING ~ These classes combine reality with imagination to create unique characters & stories. Wonderful reinforcement for creative planning & character development at any age. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF YOU ~ This class is intended to instill excitement while working on what it takes to make a story - beginning, middle, ending - along with drawing lessons to further develop characters, setting and action - all the while keeping the focus on YOU, the artist!! MANDALAS ~ We delve into what a Mandala is, who initially "made" these, who uses these, & how to start creating your own. Most important, we discuss forms, patterns & how to create pleasing, meditative Mandalas. POP ART ~ We learn what POP Art is, discuss some famous Pop Artists & create 3 Pop Art projects typical of the Pop Art movement (time capsule, Collage, painting of everyday object as art).

Artist in Residence

A week long course exploration of every day details observed & conveyed through Basic Art skills. Learning the "How to's" of drawing gives students another voice through art which further enhances their communication skills. Along with sharing my love of drawing, my classes plant seeds of confidence in each child. Last, but not least, my lessons can be integrated into any existing curriculum. Options are unlimited.

Portfolio Preparation

Working in a relaxed one-on-one atmosphere, we combine my expertise with a student's talent to create a unique art portfolio. Equipped with the student's chosen college portfolio requirements, we discuss what the student will want/need to create an effective, dazzling presentation. While the student does the artwork, I accompany he/she every step of the way to instruct, critique & insure a visual representation of the student's artwork.

Adult Classes

Working individually or in groups, creative subjects are explored in depth. Whether beginner or a professional looking to hone their skills, classes are always one-on-one for subject matter as well as personal expectations. Areas recently explored: Figure Drawing, Still Life, Drapery on the Figure, Portraits - Adults & Children, Landscapes & Seascapes, Animals, Multiple Point Perspective.

Partial list of teaching affiliations...

Acton Recreation Department, Acton MA | Sudbury Council on Aging, Sudbury MA | Arlington Council on Aging, Arlington MA | Bedford Council on Aging, Bedford MA